TD Collaborative LLC, 3R Green St., Woburn, MA 01801  Phone: 781-933-6116 Fax 781-305-3736 The best value in viscosity measurement and control Price List Fourth Generation TDC Viscometers VTH423 In-Line Process Viscosity and Temperature sensor. 0-180 degC. Requires 24Vdc input power, returns 4-20ma signals for both viscosity and temperature.   1,000 ohm Pt RTD temperature sensing, variable reluctance detection. RS232 serial port for data output and/or configuration. VTH423-41  [ 3 -  40cp, 0-180degC]         $1960.00 VTH423-12  [ 7 -100cp, 0-180degC] $1960.00 VTH423-32  [15-300cp, 0-180degC]         $1960.00 VTX423T In-Tank Viscosity and Temperature Sensor. 0-180degC.  Direct insertion into top, bottom, or side using 316SS mounting flange requiring 1 5/8” [42mm] access hole.  Requires 24Vdc power, returns 4-20ma viscosity and temperature signals.  1,000 ohm Pt RTD temperature sensing.  RS232 serial port for data output and/or configuration.  Specify internal length in inches with order: [”05”, “07”, “09”, “11”, “15”, “21”, or “27” in xx field] VTL423T-41-xx [ 3  -  40cp, 0-140degC]   $2080.00 VTL423T-12-xx [ 7 - 100cp, 0-140degC] $2080.00 VTL423T-32-xx [15 - 300cp,0-140degC]   $2080.00 Din/4 panel mount, 4-digit, high intensity, 7-segment display of viscosity and temperature.  Includes 90-240Vac to 24Vdc adaptor.  Powers all 4xx series sensors. Face sealed against water and dust.  Displays data and outputs 4-20ma signals.  DSub9 connector enables computer interconnect to data stream and system configuration. D422 display                                                $415.00 Adapts the one-inch NPT male pipe thread on the VTX423 sensor to a larger size.   316 SS.  Consult factory for alternative size options. AR1.5    BSPT R1.5 Male thread              $205.00 A1.5      NPT1.5” Male thread        $205.00 Shipping and Handling Prices are Ex Works Woburn, Massachusetts.  When ordering, please specify preferred shipping mode. Unspecified domestic orders east of the Mississippi will be shipped ground, western shipments will be shipped two day air and overseas orders will be shipped air.  Volume Discounts Orders for a quantity five or greater qualify for a volume discount.  Consult factory for details. Payment Terms If you pass a credit check or have a prior payment history with us, terms are net 60 days. Payments received within 15 days of delivery receive a 3% discount, within 30 days a 1.5% discount.        Interest of 1% per month will be assessed after 60 days. Warranty All products are unconditionally guaranteed for twelve months from delivery, parts and labor.      If a return is necessary, contact factory for a Return Authorization. Certification All products are RoHS compliant and CE marked. Credit After the initial 60 day evaluation period all returns will incur a minimum 10% restocking charge.     Credit for damaged equipment will be the sole discretion of TD Collaborative. Special orders Contact the factory.